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S&P 500 Weekly Review July 8 – 12

The S&P 500 weekly is showing a close near previous highs at 1687. If the highs are broken, 1703 could be tested, while a sell off could retest 1662 or lower. My weekly outlook is bullish.

The opening range for the next six months has completed. They are the following:

ES Futures:

  • High: 1674.25 ES
  • Low: 1594.25
  • Pivot High: 1658.50
  • Pivot Low:  1634.25

S&P 500 Cash

  • High: 1680
  • Low: 1604
  • Pivot High: 1667
  • Pivot Low: 1642

I will be watching these numbers closely in the weeks to come.


March 18 -22 Weekly Review

The market continues to show strength, although momentum has waned quite a bit. Even though I am bullish on the market, the risk/reward for opening new longs here is unfavorable. Until I see signs of weakness, my weekly outlook remains bullish.

On a related note, the opening range for the ESM13 contract is between 1558.75 – 1529.25. The pivot range is 1551 – 1544.

December 24 – 28 Weekly Review

S&P 500 Weekly

The S&P 500 Weekly is showing another close in its recent weekly range. A multi week advance or decline should result from this consolidation. Until then, my outlook remains neutral.

The following daily charts for the Nasdaq 100 eMini futures and S&P 500 eMini futures are of important note for the H3 contracts.

ESH3 Daily

1446 – 1391 is the opening range for ESH3 contract.


2714 – 2594 is the opening range for NQH3 contract.